Urban Strategy

OSU Extension in the City aligns strategies with college, campus, state, regional and national priorities.

OSU Extension Integration - OSU Extension in the City aligns with the mission/vision/values and engages campus and community personnel through a weekly Extension in the City blog with news highlights from diverse perspectives. To subscribe, send an email to Michelle Gaston.6@osu.edu and asked to be added to the blog subscription. OSU Extension Area Leaders serving Ohio’s most populated counties guide strategy to increase local relevance. To foster Extension's ability to be responsive statewide, OSU Extension in the City engages with the OSU Extension Executive Cabinet, Program Council, Operations, Learning and Organizational Development, and other support units.

College Integration - OSU Extension in the City aligns with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), through grand challenges, such as Ohio's rural-urban interface.

Campus Integration - OSU is an Urban-Serving University as reflected in the vision. A Jan. 2020 Sesquicentennial event celebrates and advances the OSU's urban context. OSU Extension is represented on the university's cross-campus urban mission group.

National Integration - In 2018, the National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) met with the National Extension Directors and Administrators (NEDA) to focus on why urban matters and layout an implementation plan for the national urban Extension framework. OSU Extension aligns strateiges with the goals outlined in the framework and implementation plan. Follow this link to the NUEL Implementation Plan.

  • Positioning: How Extension is positioned at the national, state, regional, and city levels
  • Programs: How Extension addresses the multitude of issues and priorities in the city
  • Personnel: How Extension attracts, develops, retains, and structures competent talent
  • Partnerships: How Extension collaborates to leverage resources for collective impact

Strategy is the continuous co-aligning of the organization and its environment (Thompson, 1967).