Extension in the City Blog

One of the ways we are communicating the work that is being done in Ohio's cities is through the OSU Extension in the City blog. Any OSU Extension in the City team member can be a contributor and reviewer of the blog, all you have to do is contact Michelle Gaston at

How do I contribute?

We have created a video that walks you through accessing and submitting on the OSU Extension in the City blog. Once again, you have to be added to the blog as a contributer to be able to complete these steps. 




Blog Guidelines

To assist you in any areas you might want clarification about, we have drafted some guidelines. 

Blog length – While the blog can be any length, the best posts are 325 to 450 words in length. If you want to add more information – think about dividing your article into two posts – one for now and one for next month, or trade with someone else for this month and put both posts close together. A goal for all should be to keep each post under 500 words.

Pictures should be pictures rather than clip art or graphics, as much as possible. Make sure they are from copyright-free site.  Microsoft images, Comm Tech.,, your own (photo release), etc. It is good practice to save the image in a folder or on your desktop, and attach it from there.

References/sources – Try to keep references within the last five years and from Extension, University, eXtension, or Government sources. By using reputable sources, we insure we can have solid content.

Peer Reviewed – Make sure posts are peer reviewed by an OSU Extension in the City team member. Office co-workers are also great to check for typing and grammar, but shouldn’t be the only reviewer since they are not a peer.  

To schedule your blog article ahead of the posting date – in the Publish section on the right side of the posting page – click on EDIT in Publish Immediately and select the date and time. Make sure to click OK and Publish – or it won’t go up.

If you can’t post your blog on the day it is due – see if a post is already on the site and scheduled to post later. If there are articles already on the site, ask the writer if you can change the publishing date and “push” it to publish on your date. You’ll want to make sure that article is really ready to go and has been peer reviewed. Then you’ll need to publish on the next date (switching dates). Note: Looking in the drafts also helps you to see topics that are in the drafts. If it is an emergency, email or call Michelle or Julie – we will work to get something up soon. Posts typically go up on Monday/Tuesday or on Thursday/Friday.

Schedule a Reminder – Schedule a reminder for yourself in Outlook at least a week ahead so you will have time to write the blog post and get it peer reviewed. 

Blog Category/Tags – When you complete a blog, there will be an option on the right side of the screen that will allow you to add a category or a tag. Try to fit your blog’s tags into tags that have already been used, and feel free to add any other tags you see fit (such as your city name). The categories will be based on working groups, and other miscellaneous groups.