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In addition to urban Extension positions as part of the county teams, there are college faculty positions in many departments in support of work in urban communities.

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Through the Race, Inclusion, and Social Equity (RAISE) initiative, Ohio State is enhancing our world-class research program on race, inclusion, and social equity. Over the next decade, the university will add at least 50 tenure-track faculty members to existing scholars whose research can help to narrow social disparities in educational attainment, health outcomes, rates of incarceration, political representation, environmental impacts, and economic well-being. Adding scholars in focused areas will enhance the University’s outstanding faculty and inform solutions to intractable issues. RAISE is part of Ohio State’s larger initiative to expand the size and impact of Ohio State’s faculty over the coming decade, while also enhancing academic and personal resources to support Ohio State scholars, educators, and practitioners through all phases of their careers. For more information on the RAISE Initiative

As part of the Ohio State University’s Race, Inclusion, and Social Equity (RAISE) initiative, the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) will be hiring a cohort of three scholars focused on urban health and environmental problems that are experienced differently based on race and class. The three scholars will complement existing strengths in CFAES and beyond to form a new Urban Health, Environment, and Race Outcomes (Urban HERO) Collaborative; a cooperative multidisciplinary consortium of experts and community partners in social, biological, and ecological sciences focused on the generation and rapid dissemination of new solutions to racial inequities and social disparities in environmental and health outcomes.

In addition, CFAES received approval for a senior faculty position for OSU Urban Extension: Equitable Engagement for Equitable Opportunity.

CFAES to Recruit 5 Research Faculty Focused on Race and Equity Issues

For additional information, contact Julie Fox, OSU Extension Director of Strategic Initiatives and Urban Engagement.