Capacity and Alignment

The National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) refers to personnel as “how Extension attracts, develops, retains, and structures competent talent.” In this plan of work, the term personnel encompasses administrative leaders, faculty, staff, students, and volunteer community members. Personnel investments influence capacity and alignment of talent for long-term and short-term priorities.


Across Ohio personnel are funded through local, state, and national funding. Grants, such as community nutrition programs, support additional personnel. In addition, a diversified funding portfolio supports local priorities. The number and types of Extension positions in large Ohio counties varies. Each metropolitan area presents unique context and history of Extension investments. Generally, the team size is larger and more diverse in many ways.

Personnel Goals

Attract, hire, develop, and retain talent for long-term and short-term priorities.
1. Increase prioritization of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
2. Build capacity by increasing the number, types, and diversity of personnel.
3. Provide relevant and innovative professional development resources and experiences based on types of positions and learning readiness.
4. Launch systems to support networking and communications among personnel working with urban communities.
5. Initiate recognition in ways that support promotion. Address career pathing with different types of positions.