Leadership in the City Testimony

In the first two offerings, 49 Extension professionals participated in this program representing 27 states. Here is what your peers had to say when asked what they liked about the course content.

- All the topics “hit home” with me as each topic is a key area/concept I need to be working on in my county and/or for my role. All topics were very relevant and pertinent in my day-to-day work.

- Completing LITC has pushed me to explore my inner self to look deep into how I can be a better leader and how to be a more inclusive leader. I also realized that regardless of what we think of ourselves, we all have some implicit bias.

- The content made me think about leadership in different ways.

- Taking the course provided another perspective of Extension and helped me un-silo think the approach to our work.

- There was a wealth of resources and I really enjoyed the interaction of participants.

- I got more out of this online class than any other I have ever taken.