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How Can Local Leaders Use Data to Promote Equity?

In the hands of community members, data can be a tool to advance local priorities by illuminating racial inequities, building consensus among stakeholders, and advocating for shifts in policies and resources. But making this vision a reality requires philanthropy, action coalitions, government agencies, and research organizations to center equity—as both an outcome and a process—in data use.

Reconsidering Extension: Defining Urban Extension in Kentucky

As the vast majority of the population in the United States shifts to dwelling within large population centers, it is necessary to examine the responsibility and role that Cooperative Extension has to serve urban communities. Throughout its history, the land-grant system, through Cooperative Extension, has demonstrated the ability to impact the lives of individual citizens and communities positively.

Extension Programming to Address Urban Issues

A case study was conducted to inform a book chapter on Extension Programming to Enhance Urban Wellbeing for the book titled "The Role of the Social Sciences in Extension" published by Cambridge University Press in 2022. The case study research aims to help urban Extension leaders and other social scientists. To better understand and expand upon programming in urban communities, qualitative research provided a foundation for a series of cases presented in program snapshots.

Pollinators in the City Webinar Series

Join the following speakers November 29 - December 3, 10-11 a.m. ET for this webinar series focused on the biology and human dynamics of pollinator conservation in urban settings.

11/29 Reed Johnson, Honey Bees in the City: Where Are They Feeding, and How Do We Know?
11/30 Gerardo Camilo, The City as a Refuge for Insect Pollinators
12/1 Mary Gardiner, Vacant Lots as Urban Bee Habitat
12/2 Scott MacIvor, Constructed Green Infrastructure to Support Wild Bees: Does it Work?
12/3 Damon Hall, Policy Dimensions of Insect Pollinator Conservation


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