Webinar - What Urban Transformation Really Looks Like

April 20, 2017

What Urban Transformation Really Looks Like For One Older Industrial Legacy City

On April 26 at 1-2 p.m. EDT, Meeting of the Minds will host a live webinar featuring Lev Gonick, Chief Executive Officer of DigitalC.

Cleveland’s been pioneering the transition from a “gray city” to a “city transformed,” led by a network of government leaders, philanthropists, business executives, university leaders, risk-taking entrepreneurs, and community leaders working together to improve conditions in distressed neighborhoods. You’ll understand how the steady work of the past few years has paid off and how some of the progress already made in 2017 builds on lessons learned in cities outside Ohio. Hear the details directly from the key executive who’s been helping to lead a minor revolution. Lev Gonick is an educator, technologists, and smart city architect.

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