EPN Breakfast, Program, and Walking Tour - June 8, 2017

May. 23, 2017

Valuing Urban Landscapes
The Ravines of Clintonville

The scenic and biodiversity-rich Olentangy River extends north for 97 miles from its confluence with the Scioto River in downtown Columbus. It was the third scenic river designated in Ohio, including 22 miles south from the City of Delaware to just south of I-270. Northern reaches of its watershed are predominately agricultural with many villages and a few towns. The southern third of the river is heavily suburban and urban. In Columbus’ Clintonville neighborhood, just north of Ohio State University, several small tributaries extend short distances east, with steep ravine topography. The beauty and solitude of these ravines were recognized by developers and preservationists since at least the 1920s. Closely linked to the main stem Olentangy, these ravines are home to many interesting and rare plant and animal species, and are key parts of the Olentangy River ecosystem. Attend and learn more about these amazing and important urban landscapes, who is helping protect and restore them, then join a walking tour (via short bus ride) to see, smell, and feel these unusual-for-urban-Ohio places.

The Environmental Professionals Network hosts a monthly breakfast series with compelling speakers on important innovative topics at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on Ohio State’s campus - open to all! For complete information on the June 8 program and registration for the breakfast session, click here.

The walking tour is sold out.