Entrepreneurial Leadership in the City


This free learning module provides an introduction to entrepreneurial leadership though video, activities, and a wealth of multimedia resources. Entrepreneurial leadership provides an innovative foundation for urban Extension. By exploring this material, you will see the connection between entrepreneurship and leadership. It is more important now, than ever, to operate as entrepreneurial venture that is stable across situation and time (Scase, 2000).

Learning Objectives

  • Awareness of various entrepreneurial frameworks (individual, team, organizational).
  • Knowledge of the linkage between entrepreneurship and leadership.
  • Ability to identify potential application of entrepreneurial leadership to your current urban Extension context.


(length 9 minutes and 44 seconds)

Link to the PowerPoint
Read the Article: The Intersection of Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Mutual Lessons to Be Learned (see additional resources below)

Action Activity for You

Action Activity for Your Organization

Complete the Organizational Entrepreneurship Questionnaire for your organization. If you would like to better understand this tool, read an article such as those listed below.

Action Activity for Collaborative Learning

1. After completing the Entrepreneurial Leadership Questionnaire (ELQ) and Organizational Entrepreneurship Questionnaire, what did you notice about the alignment (or lack of alignment) with any factors from your individual and your organizational ratings?

2. Draft a social media post or illustration to communicate the connection between entrepreneurship and leadership.

Action Activity for Continuous Learning


-Reflect on how entrepreneurial leadership applies in your University Extension environment.
-Read and reflect on the article, To Be An Effective Leader Keep A Leadership Journal.

Mentor & Coach

-With your mentor, review your questionnaires and ask them for feedback on your responses. How might the responses be similar or different when compared with potential responses from others within your organization?
-With your coach, reflect on the questionnaires you completed and identify what characteristic/s you plan to focus on developing for yourself and for your organization. Plan sequential steps to hold yourself accountable.

Self-paced Independent Study

Watch this 2:36 minute video from Harvard Business Review, How Cultures Across the World Approach Leadership. Not only do we bring our own approach to leadership, with diversity in our cities, many of our colleagues and partners have different approaches to decision making and authority.

Entrepreneurial leadership in urban Extension reflects some similarities to social entrepreneurship. This provides another lens for us to consider how we approach our work. For example, the Transformative Action Institute identified seven important competencies that are essential for success for social innovators. See more on the Stanford Social Innovation ReviewAshoka has also pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship. The Social Enterprise Alliance has an online Knowledge Center. Article options include Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship: Same, Different, or Both? and The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship. How can Extension learn from the notions of:
- value creation (Say)
- innovation and change agents (Schumpeter)
- pursuit of opportunity (Drucker)
- resourcefulness (Stevenson)

Watch one of the videos from the series, 10 Lessons from Leaders: Local Entrepreneurs Tell All, from the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs. Use your journal for reflection and/or share a video with a colleague. If you work with youth, check out the Urban Leadership Lab.

If you work with entrepreneurs in your city, check out the educational and professional development opportunities tailored specifically to underserved communities, active duty service members, and veterans who have an interest in advancing their entrepreneurial, career, and leadership capabilities. Courses available through eMerging Entrepreneurs are offered by MIT, Harvard University, and others.

Like to read? Here is one book option: Revisiting the Entrepreneurial Mind. You also have the option of reading just a chapter or checking out the references.

Team collaboration

Learn with a colleague. Invite a peer to lunch and informally discuss their professional support system. If you lead a team, plan to integrate or revitalize professional development into your plan of work.

Multimedia Resources

Many of these resources are available through university library online journals and researchgate.

Entrepreneurial Communities

Building Entrepreneurial Communities – Edward Lowe Foundation (PDF)
Community Development Core Competencies   Article   Chart
Creating Entrepreneurial Communities: Building Community Capacity for Ecosystem Development
Entrepreneurial Communities, Kauffman Foundation
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems DiagnosticToolkit
Entrepreneurial Culture, Regional Innovativeness, and Economic Growth
Foundations of Practice: Community Development Core Competencies for Extension Professionals in the North Central Region

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Learning to think like an entrepreneurial leader, Predictive puzzle or creative quilt, Babson College video
The Intersection of Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Mutual Lessons to Be Learned
Designing a Scale for Measuring Entrepreneurial Leadership in SMEs
A New Paradigm: Entrepreneurial Leadership
A New Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Mediating Role of Influence, Vision, and Context (Honors Thesis)
Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Systematic Literature Review (complete article through a university library)
Entrepreneurial Leadership Questionnaire (ELQ), Available through McGraw Hill Education
Entrepreneurial Leadership Questionnaire: Confirmatory Factor Analysis Evidence from School Context
Entrepreneurial Leadership as a Cognitive Construct for Effective Support in the Implementation of Decision-Making Opportunities
Entrepreneurial Leadership: What Is It and How Should It Be Taught?
Entrepreneurial Leadership: Developing and Measuring a Cross-Cultural Construct
Leadership: Current Theories, Research, and Future Directions
The Leadership Challenge
How Cultures Across the World Approach Leadership
Entrepreneurial Competencies: A Literature Review and Development Agenda
The Five Traits of Entrepreneurial Leadership
Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Theoretical Framework

More articles to get from your university's online library
Understanding and Measuring Entrepreneurial Leadership Style
Changing Times: Entrepreneurial Leadership In A Community-Based Nonprofit Organization
Entrepreneurial Leadership: Towards a Model for Learning and Development
Entrepreneurial Leadership in the 21st Century
Entrepreneurial Leadership in the U.S.
An Attitude Approach to the Prediction of Entrepreneurship
Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation: Development of a Measurement Instrument

Entrepreneurial Teams

Driving Team Effectiveness, Korn Ferry Institute
5 Dysfunctions of a Team
What Is an Entrepreneurial Team?
An Intentions-Based Model of Entrepreneurial Teams' Social Cognition
Entrepreneurial Team Formation, thesis
Entrepreneurial Team Formation: An Exploration of a New Member Addition
Towards a Theory of Entrepreneurial Teams
Managing Multicultural Teams, 2:17 Minute Video from HBR
13 Characteristics of a High-Performing Team (and How Leaders Can Foster Them), Forbes Coaches Council
Adding Fuel to the Fire: Need for Achievement Diversity and Relationship Conflict in Entrepreneurial Teams

Entrepreneurial Organizations

Entrepreneurial Leadership Strategies and Values: Keys to Operational Excellence
A Paradigm of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial Management
Enhancing Entrepreneurial Orientation Research: Operationalizing and Measuring a Key Strategic Decision Making Process
Organizational Entrepreneurship in Extension (Fox dissertation 2005) and 10-page case study
Entrepreneurship in Public and Not for Profit Organizations

Social Entrepreneurship

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Social Enterprise Alliance
Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship: Same, Different, or Both?
The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship.
Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs
10 Lessons from Leaders: Local Entrepreneurs Tell All

A Few other Relevant Resources

Korn Ferry's Four Dimensions of Leadership and Talent; Online assessment;One-page summary named Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Legacy Competency Mapping; 78-page technical guide
The Leadership Development Roadmap
FranklinCovey Resources
The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World
Bain Inspirational Leadership System
Myers-Briggs personality type - as a tool for leadership development, apply with caution
Free personality test based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory
DISC Profile (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness)
Emotional Intelligence
Example of assessment form the U.S  Office of Personnel Management and Executive Core Qualifications
Executive Presence Index, Bates Communications (character, substance, style)
Executive Presence, Key Findings (Center for Talent Innovation)
Understanding Executive Presence: Perspectives of Business Professionals
Trait-Based Perspectives of Leadership
Seven Elements of Good Data Visualization
Comprehensive List of options to help you assess, benchmark and track your leadership development needs