We (All) Need to Talk About Race: Building Extension's Capacity for Dialogue and Action

Wednesday, November 04th, 2020
For Extension to remain relevant to the mission of meeting the most critical community needs, we must examine the racial inequities that hold us back as institutions and lead efforts to engage diverse communities in learning about race through dialogue. Responses from participants in 26 states who joined a train-the-trainer initiative suggested that despite previous efforts, there is great need for increased education and capacity building to address racism and prioritize racial equity both within our institutions and in the communities we serve. For Extension professionals to effectively engage in this work, it is critical for administrators to show visible support. Follow this link to learn more. Sourced from: Journal of Extension Authors: Eric Walcott, Government and Public Policy Specialist, Michigan State University Extension Brian Raison, Associate Professor, Ohio State University Extension Rachel Welborn, Associate Director, Southern Rural Development Center, Mississippi State University Rich Pirog, Director, Center for Regional Food Systems, Michigan State University Mary Emery, Department Head, Sociology and Rural Studies, South Dakota State University Mike Stout, Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University Laura Hendrix, Associate Professor, University of Arkansas Marcia Ostrom, Associate Professor, Washington State University