Lucas County Master Gardeners Gather to Celebrate 2018 Class

Thursday, November 15th, 2018
Extension Master Gardener Volunteers (MVG) from Lucas County gathered to celebrate the 2018 class and their efforts across the county. The theme for this year’s recognition celebration was "From Farm to Fork." Their guest was Kurt Bench. Kurt and his family run Shared Legacy Farm in Elmore, Ohio. Kurt shared with the volunteers his family’s rich agriculture roots, and how he has made his own niche and has a very successful certified organic farm that includes a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. As consumers, MGVs where interested in his story and the topic of local foods. MGVs are Extension volunteers and partner with many local organizations and agencies including: Metroparks Toledo, Toledo GROWs, Hawkins Elementary School, Olander Park, and the Garden Forum’s Junior Garden Club. The volunteers also learned about a new opportunity called the Garden Ambassador Program that will be in collaboration with Metro Parks Toledo at the Toledo Botanical Garden and the Shipman Garden at Wildwood Metro Park. In 2018 Master Gardner Volunteers recorded nearly 5,000 hours. Follow this link to learn more about Lucas County Master Gardeners. Sourced from: OSU Extension