Advocacy and Education Web Resources

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

The ECOP Budget and Legislative and Program Committees, along with many experts in Extension, have worked hard to develop the ECOP Advocacy and Education Toolkit The purpose of the toolkit is to provide ECOP leadership and the Cooperative Extension System (CES) with consistent messaging and resources focused on CES advocacy and education priorities. These resources include priority language, talking points, CES background information, and examples of national program efforts for consistency in messaging with APLU Board on Agriculture Assembly (BAA) Committees and Sections, the BAA Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy ESCOP, legislators, partners, University Congressional and Government Affairs staff, and related advocacy groups. Additionally, the SNAP-Ed Program Development Team (PDT) has developed the Nourishing Communities: Nutrition Education That Works website The two websites are interconnected. These are living resources that will be updated and refined regularly. Advocacy topics will be improved by experts moving forward. Comments and suggestions can be submitted to

Sourced from ECOP Monday Minute