NUEL Website & Connections

Wednesday, June 08th, 2022

National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) invites you to visit the updated NUEL website ( At this site you will find resources for Extension professionals working in and/or supporting urban communities and audiences. At the website you’ll also find information on how to further engage in NUEL through regional NUEL Networks, Action Teams, and connecting with the NUEL Steering Committee.

Additionally, NUEL has launched a new Connect Extension NUEL Subgroup to connect urban based Extension professionals across the country. We invite you to join this new NUEL Connect Extension Subgroup. A tab to join the subgroup can also be found at the top of the NUEL website. The Connect Extension NUEL Subgroup will serve as NUEL’s new main communications platform, and will be retiring the email listserv.

As a member of the NUEL subgroup you will receive access to:

  • Blog posts from NUEL executive and steering committee members
  • Urban Extension job description templates
  • Urban Extension journal articles and research briefs
  • Information on upcoming NUEL events, both national and regional
  • Opportunities to communicate virtually with urban Extension professionals
  • Virtual Chats-Interactive communication with other Extension professionals working in urban areas or those affiliated with urban audiences