Atlanta is Transforming Abandoned Land into the Largest Public Food Forest in the US

Wednesday, June 05th, 2019
As a means of ending hunger and providing healthy food to all its citizens, the city of Atlanta is creating the largest public food forest in the United States. According to a new piece of legislation that was passed, the food park will be located on 7 acres of vacant forested land near Lakewood Heights. The ordinance states that the city plans to “transform these formerly vacant properties into a public park with edible trees, shrubs, vines, and groundcover” with “public gathering spaces, walking trails, community garden beds, and a restored forest and stream-side areas.” Completion of the Urban Food Forest will pave the way toward the city’s goal of ensuring that 85% of their population will be within a half-mile of fresh food by 2021. Follow this link to read more. Sourced from: Good News Network