National Urban Extension Conference

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
At the beginning of May, a handful of OSU employees attended the National Urban Extension Conference in Atlanta Georgia. The conference was an excellent experience with representation from 44 states, with the total number of attendees exceeding 300. Through the various speakers, workshops, and networking, one thing became clear; urban Extension efforts are gaining momentum, and more universities are acknowledging the need for strong urban models. Extension educators and administrators from all over the country shared information on how they are able to handle unique challenges and opportunities in large cities. The National Urban Extension Leaders held a special event for attendees to discuss their vision for the future of Extension in urban areas. This added to an already exceptional experience, assisting us in further developing the framework for advancing OSU Extension in the City. OSU Extension professionals presented the following: Leadership in the City - Julie Fox Urban Youth and 4-H: Research-Based Engagement - Janice Hanna Extension in the City - Julie Fox, Laquore Meadows, James Stiving Vacant to Vibrant - Suzanne Mills-Wasniak, Brad Bergefurd, Tony Nye, Julie Fox To see the conference information, click here