Innovation Skill-Building Experience ePub

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

Check out the updated Innovation Skill-Building Experience ePub: A Guide for Project Incubation and Tools for Success.

Impact Collaborative Innovation Facilitators and Extension Foundation team members provide a hands-on introduction to the Innovation Skill-Building Experience (ISBE) workbook. This workbook and related tools is the start of your team’s collaboration in imagining something extraordinary, experimenting to make it great, and then turning your team’s vision into actuality. A new iteration of the ISBE workbook is interactive to better utilize all the workbook’s tools in a more user-friendly, easy to share, and printable format.

With updated and improved content, more examples to help enhance learning, and newly added features such as note-taking, embedded videos, and links, this workbook is designed to enhance learning and create more results! With this workbook, you have a collection of tools that will guide you on your journey into change and innovation.

Use it as a tool to:

  • Guide your team through a project idea that needs incubation with checklists and methods for documenting progress
  • Learn about Cooperative Extension’s best practices for solving important community issues
  • Measure learning outcomes to improve program/project impact continuously

This ISBE ePub is your device to spark ideas, foster innovation, and ultimately create a local effect.

Check out the workbook link and test out all its features.
New ISBE Epub
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