The Power of Place-Based Legacies in Advancing Reengagement with Community

Thursday, January 02nd, 2020
The degree to which urban and metropolitan colleges and universities can have a positive impact on their respective communities is heavily influenced by the nature and extent of their connectedness to, and alignment with, civic need. Drawn from the experiences and outcomes of the College of Staten Island’s Legacy Trilogy initiative, a comprehensive educational and community engagement campaign exploring and leveraging the college’s Legacy of Institution, Legacy of Place, and Legacy of Mission, this article proposes that higher education institutions can increase connectedness and alignment with their surrounding metropolises by embracing their deep and intricate social and economic place-based histories. Engaging with legacy in this uniquely personal and purposeful way can not only give more meaningful shape and added dimension to institutional identity, it can also empower colleges and universities to become more impactful to the communities they serve. Follow this link to learn more. Sourced from: Metropolitan Universities Journal