Staffing: Preparing the Urban Extension Workforce

Thursday, February 04th, 2021

While there are similarities to Extension staffing and workforce development in all geographic areas, personnel serving the Extension mission in urban areas face unique challenges due to the context of urban communities:

  • Scale
  • Diversity
  • Complexity
  • Urban Rural Interface

So how do we collectively address the unique workforce challenges within urban Extension? Read through a summary of robust dialogue shared among Extension and Human Resource professionals at NUEC'19, along with a published resource to help you take your Urban Extension workforce development strategies to the next level. Check out this white paper - the latest in the series compiled from the Leading Edge Dialogues. Dr. Julie Fox was the lead author with other contibutors authors from around the country.

The Leading Edge Dialogues (LED’s) were 90-minute interactive workshops held during the 2019 National Urban Extension Conference which explored critical issues facing our cities and our universities. Each LED consisted of a multi-sector panel presentation followed by a facilitated group discussion with all attendees. These papers capture both the presentations and the innovative discussion that followed for one of the LED’s. Check out the series here.

Sourced from the Western Center for Metropolitan Extension & Research