Situating Climate Webinar - Adaptation Measures within Historic Disinvestments in Urban Neighborhoods

Wednesday, February 16th, 2022

On March 4, 2022, at noon, join Dr. Vivek Shandas for the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis (CURA) second Choosing Our Climate Legacy: Priorities for a More Equitable and Resilient Ohio speaker series event. Dr Shandas will speak about "Situating Climate Adaptation Measures within Historic Disinvestments in Urban Neighborhoods: The Pitfalls and Promises of Preparing Communities for a Warmer Planet."

Dr. Vivek Shandas specializes in developing strategies for addressing the implications of climate change on cities. His teaching and research examine the intersection of exposure to climate-induced events, governance processes, and planning mechanisms. As an interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Shandas studies the emergent characteristics that generate vulnerability among communities and infrastructure.

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