Native American Heritage Month

Tuesday, December 05th, 2023

This Native American Heritage Month, we’re thinking beyond challenges toward actionable solutions that leaders, advocates, and other changemakers can use to gather and maintain momentum in championing Indigenous communities’ resiliency.One tool that could help generate actionable solutions is an innovative pilot by Urban’s Racial Equity Analytics Lab. The pilot combines local-level data on climate hazards, food insecurity, agricultural production, and racial disparities to build a more comprehensive understanding of the intersecting challenges and opportunities—and their differences from county to county—for communities of color nationwide.

This year, researchers have applied the latest data to investigate resource flows into Indigenous communities and how these resources can be best used to support robust economic development. They’ve been partnering with Indigenous communities to figure out how to enable culturally informed access to food and water, health care, and opportunity.

What would it take to support Indigenous communities’ resiliency as partners in action? Explore how progress can go beyond a month in a year to lift communities nationwide.

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Sourced from the Urban Institute