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Register now for the 2018 CFAES Urban Agricultural Adventure. All CFAES faculty, staff, and students are welcome! Urban Argricultural Adventure Trip 2018 Flyer Saturday, April 14, 2018 Departing from Columbus at 8:00 a.m. (returning at 6:30 p.m.) Departing from Wooster at 9:30 a.m. (returning at 5:00 p.m.) This trip includes tours of various Cleveland area farms, along with a visit to Rid-All Green partnership and The West Side Market. Transportation (for both Wooster and Columbus) is provided, along with continental breakfast and a boxed lunch. Click here to register. Sourced from CFAES Information for Faculty & Staff

Turns out, the answer isn’t either-or. Rather, it’s a question with 80 million answers. If you live in Chicago and spend time on any of the big social media sites, you may notice some rather unusual ads: streaming commercials telling you that if you’re a millennial, you should pack up and move to Wisconsin. Follow this link to read the complete article.

Sourced from Governing
Major urban jurisdictions, including some that had previously staved off losses, are seeing more residents move away. Many of the nation’s large urban centers have seen a slow, yet growing exodus of residents to more suburban areas in recent years. New county population estimates released by the Census Bureau suggest this shift isn't slowing down. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from Governing
A new interactive chart analyzes how metro areas across the United States are performing on economic growth, prosperity, and inclusion. Take a look to see how your metro area measures up. Follow this link to read the complete story. Sourced from Brookings
New U.S. Census data reveal a slowdown in urban population growth and a revival of pre-recession movement toward the suburbs, rural areas, and metropolitan areas in the middle of the country. Read the complete article linked here. Sourced from Brookings
May 23-24, 2018, Pittsburgh, PAHealthy Trees logo Healthy Trees, Healthy People is a two-day program featuring presentations on the link between human health and community forest health, as well as information essential to the care of community trees. It is a great opportunity to share ideas with shade tree commissioners, foresters, arborists, and others. The first day will take us outside to explore examples of the role of community forests in contributing to healthy communities. During this afternoon field trip, we will see an urban tree nursery’s efforts to develop healthy and genetically diverse trees, the impacts of oak wilt on tree canopy in a city park, and how active neighborhood volunteers organized to care for their street trees. The field trip will wrap up with a visit to a furniture workshop to see how reclaimed urban wood is being transformed into fine furniture. The second day will feature a variety of presentations on tree health, its impacts on communities, and ways to plan and manage the community forest to ensure success.
Danae Wolfe, Ed Tech Specialist, Ohio State University Extension shares a short introduction video as to how Extension can intentionally and strategically engage clientele.
The 2018 ITGA City & University Relations Conference will be held May 29-June 1 on The Ohio State University campus. The theme of the conference is Investing in Our Future - Town-Gown Relationships and the Future of our Communities. Follow this link for complete information about the conference
NUEL North Central Regional CaucusNUEL logo May 9-10, 2018 Marriott Grand St. Louis, MO Promotional Flier The NUEL North Central Regional Caucus is an interdisciplinary approach to build, resource and deliver multi-state, regional and national educational initiatives. The kick-off meeting provides the structure for urban Extension professionals to come together and address identified regional issues. Through an exploration of the contexts of our work, best practices and successful educational approaches, we will collaboratively develop plans for multi-state and regional projects that collectively impact issues in the North Central Region. Detailed agenda of the North Central Regional Caucus Registration for the North Central Regional Caucus meeting Lodging for the North Central Regional Caucus meeting

A microfarm, is a concept brought to the Mansfield campus of The Ohio State University by Kent "Kip" Curtis, an assistant professor of environmental history at Mansfield. His short-term objective for the project is to extend the growing season. The over-arching goal is to create a model for urban agriculture that spawns additional microfarms in the area that eventually produce and sell enough niche crop to become fully sustainable drivers in the Mansfield-area economy. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from the OSU Mansfield Campus News