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Officials are discussing how to go about aligning the largely disconnected web of city software for better service delivery and transparency. Follow this link to read the complete story. Sourced from Government Technology
Smaller cities in the United States have beaten heavyweights such as Miami, Dallas, and Atlanta to become more racially and economically inclusive, a report published on Wednesday found. A cluster of small cities such as Fremont and Santa Clara in California and Naperville in Illinois ranked top for their inclusion efforts, according to the Urban Institute, a nonprofit research organisation. Follow this link to read the complete story. Sourced from Place

The places we live are a core part of who we are. They affect our accomplishments, our perspectives, our sense of hope, and our overall well-being. It is this truth, coupled with the reality of deep poverty in many U.S. cities, that has driven the significant annual investments in place-based development efforts. The strategies implemented to enhance the health, safety, and economic opportunity for residents of these communities range widely. One important strategy is engaging and empowering youth. Follow this link to read the complete article.

Sourced from Community Science
ORS Impact and Spark Policy Institute completed a rigorous study to understand when and how collective impact contributes to systems and population change. Looking across 25 initiatives working on different focus areas, the study looks at the contribution and outcomes of collective impact, the design and implementation of the collective impact approach, with a specific deep-dive into equity. The study also lifts up implications from the study as well as considerations for different audiences. Click here to download the study.  
After a nationwide search, Schmidt Futures has selected The Ohio State University to participate in the Alliance for the American Dream — a new collaboration aimed at generating innovative ideas to increase economic opportunities for local families. As part of a larger commitment toward promoting shared prosperity, Schmidt Futures has awarded Ohio State a $1.5 million grant to kick-start a vibrant and inclusive idea development process. This conversation will engage the university community alongside business, government, and community partners in a robust brainstorming process. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from Ohio State News
Despite a robust national economy, deep regional divides persist with technology hubs in the coastal states pulling away from the nation’s industrial Heartland. This growing regional inequality poses serious economic, social, and political consequences for the nation. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from Brookings
The version of the Farm Bill that passed out of the House Agriculture Committee last week proposes changes to nutrition education for people with low income. The changes pose opportunities and challenges for the Land-grant University (LGU) System. The LGU SNAP-Ed Program Development Team (PDT) is a group of Extension professionals from each region working in nutrition education for individuals with low income. The aim of the PDT is to maintain and improve the consistency and effectiveness of SNAP-Ed programming that is delivered through the LGU System and address challenges in this work through a national lens. The PDT is committed to supporting our colleagues throughout the Farm Bill process. The PDT's first step was an informational webcast, Nutrition Education Program for Limited Resource Audiences: House Ag Committee Farm Bill Proposal, held on April 18. A graphic illustrates the legislative process of the Farm Bill in process over the next few weeks. Sourced from ECOP Monday Minute
Eighteen states have submitted their selections of local neighborhoods that will qualify as “Opportunity Zones” under a new tax incentive created by Congress in last year’s tax bill. These selections—and the characteristics of the neighborhoods themselves—will be important determinants of the ultimate success of the program. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from Brookings

By applying a strategic lens to the procurement process, local governments can transform how they partner with the private sector. Follow this link to read the complete article.

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