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Instead of making low-income kids travel for meals when school is out, Minneapolis is bringing the food to them. Every summer, child advocates across the country warn of the consequences of summer vacation: brain drain, boredom and, most urgently, hunger. Follow this link to read the complete story.

Sourced from Governing

Indoor farming specialist will use backing to expand a greenhouse network that grows produce close to metropolitan areas, reducing shipping costs. Founded in 2011, BrightFarms has more than 120 employees and operates three farms in Bucks County, Pa., Culpeper County, Va., and Rochelle, Ill. It is opening a facility outside Cincinnati this summer in Wilmington, Ohio. Follow this link for the complete article.

Sourced from the Wall Street Journal
Widely accepted numbers on how much of the world's population lives in cities are incorrect, with major implications for development aid and the provision of public services for billions of people, researchers say. The United Nations predicts the world's urban population is expected to grow to 70 percent by 2050 from 55 percent at present after becoming majority urban for the first time around 2008. Not so, say researchers based at the European Commission. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from Thomson Reuters Foundation - place newsletter
New Extension forestry and natural resource specialists, agents, and associates are part of a national network of diverse, knowledgeable colleagues. This web-based synchronous program lasting 12 weeks will provide new colleagues with a grounding in Extension theory and practice. Early career Extension employees will be able to connect with peers from across the nation and learn the ins and outs of how to get started on their work and how to navigate the particular challenges associated with these positions. Follow this link for complete details. Sourced from ECOP Monday Minute
Today, Americans have supercomputers in their pockets, on their wrists, in their cars and in their home appliances. Internet usage is at an all-time high, with 89 percent of the population having access in 2018 — compared to 52 percent in 2000. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 90 percent of American adults have access to the internet, and more than three-fourths of the population own smartphones. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from CitiesSpeak
More than a decade after several groups came together to improve substandard housing in the South Side of Columbus, signs of gentrification and forced displacement are beginning to emerge. Can something be done so current residents can afford to stay in their neighborhoods for years to come? The short answer is yes. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from Shelterforce
Despite a strong U.S. economy, new Hamilton Project data show that rates of food insecurity have not fallen back to pre-recession levels, leaving nearly 13 million American children without consistent access to food. Follow this link to read the complete story. Sourced from Brookings
Speakers in this podcast discuss the challenges small and minority business owners encounter when trying to gain funding or access to capital for their businesses. The guests are Aron Betru, Managing Director of the Center for Financial Markets at the Milken Institute; and Chris Upperman, CEO of Envolve Entrepreneurship and former Assistant Administrator of the Office of Public Engagement at the U.S. Small Business Administration. From the National Urban League, For The Movement discusses persistent policy, social, and civil rights issues affecting communities of color. Link to the podcast. Sourced from ReMARCs from the National Urban League

There are no traditional combustion-engine vehicles in this showroom. Instead, the Smart Columbus Experience Center, which officially opens in downtown Columbus, is all about getting visitors to think about the future of transportation. Perhaps an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid should be their next car. They'll be able to get a close look at some. Visitors also will get a chance to examine how transportation systems will change when self-driving cars become popular. Follow this link to read the complete story.

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The Urban Innovation Fund has officially closed its first fund with $22.5 million in hand. The fund has already made 14 investments. It wants 25-30 total. “We’re still looking for startups that are changing the future of cities,” Julie Lein said. Follow this link to read the complete story. Sourced from Government Technology