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Nearly 2,000 vehicles and more than 100 intersections will be linked to demonstrate how real-time technology can manage traffic and improve safety. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from Government Technology
Industry clusters—groups of firms that gain a competitive advantage through local proximity and interdependence—offer a compelling framework for local and state leaders to analyze and support their economies. The purpose of this paper is to help regional leaders focused on economic development confidently and knowledgeably embrace cluster initiatives where they make sense, and, where they do not make sense, recognize that there are potentially equally powerful alternatives. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from Brookings
More than a decade after several groups came together to improve substandard housing in the South Side of Columbus, signs of gentrification and forced displacement are beginning to emerge. Can something be done so current residents can afford to stay in their neighborhoods for years to come? The short answer is yes. Follow this link to read the complete article. Sourced from SHELTERFORCE
CURA has a long tradition of bringing novel ideas and thoughtful discussion about urban and regional issues to Central Ohio through our semi-annual speaker series. Recently, they have focused on Cities and Water (Spring 2018), People-Centered Cities (Fall 2017), Smart Cities (Spring 2017), and Healthy Cities (Fall 2016). The theme for Fall 2018 will be Mobility and Equity, and they are excited about their line-up of locally- and nationally-renowned experts! On September 14, things will kick off with what is sure to be a thought-provoking panel discussion titled "Mobility and equity: Can transportation make Columbus a more equitable community?".  Follow this link to read more. Sourced from the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis newsletter