Two Minutes with Tony: Goals and the Pandemic

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020
"Sometimes, it is okay to feel out of control. Sometimes, it is okay to say goodbye. Sometimes you must walk away from what was and walk into what will be. We have all tried to hide away for as long as we can but, one day we must confront the truth and come to the realization that our world is illuminated by the light we cast. As we look forward to what will come in the next few weeks and the institutionalization of new protocol to keep us all safe, I must admit that I am fearful. I am afraid that what I once knew will no longer be. That relationships I had built may have faded away. I am worried that I will have lost some skills and abilities that I once possessed. I am nervous that I have learned only to live with myself and have forgotten how to live with others. Fear is healthy. Fear is a reminder of your drive to survive." - Tony Staubach, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, Hamilton County, Ohio. Follow this link to watch the recording. Sourced from: Hamilton County Extension