2024 National Urban Extension Conference

Monday, April 01st, 2024

Join colleagues August 4-6, 2024 in Detroit for a three-day conference to advance efforts that will bridge the gap for urban agriculture across the U.S. and build strong connections to USDA programs and services.

  • Network with a diverse group of people who share a passion for creating and sustaining healthy food systems in their communities.
  • Engage with USDA agency staff to find new and existing programs that support urban agriculture producers at every level.

Learn about dynamic, innovative projects that are making positive impacts that include climate-smart practices, opportunities to improve economic growth and sustainability, and vibrant community outreach and support.

An experience is being designed to build relationships with individuals and organizations that will help you grow.

Programming includes:

  • USDA program information and training.
  • Round-table listening sessions that facilitate shared knowledge and experiences.
  • Educational presentations that showcase community-based, transformative urban agriculture happening in cities across the nation.
  • National businesses and organizations for tools, training and resources.

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