Urban Plan of Work


The size, diversity, and complexity of urban communities creates unique challenges for Land-Grant University Extension. OSU Extension commits to a focused approach to addressing Ohio’s urban influence by strengthening cities and urban-rural connections. The 2020-2025 planning objectives included:

  •  Better understanding and addressing the real-life context of Extension work in urban communities (scale, diversity, complexity, urban-rural interface). 

  •  Strategically aligning with the university, college partners, communities, and the National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) Framework

    • Positioning (Awareness and Accessibility) OSU Extension locations and presence. How, to whom, and when OSU Extension markets and communicates.

    • Programs (Relevance and Impacts) The people OSU Extension reaches/doesn’t reach through programs, products, events, and projects. 

    • Personnel (Capacity and Alignment) How OSU Extension attracts, hires, develops, and retains talent for long-term and short-term priorities.

    • Partnerships (Connections and Resources) Types and degrees of partnerships, funding, and other resources leveraged. 

  • Collaboratively integrating with OSU Extension priorities along the rural-urban continuum that are relevant locally, responsive statewide, and are recognized nationally. 

  • Creating a Plan of Work with an understanding of the weight of the past, push of the present, and pull of the future



The planning process included case study research, a Summit on Extension in Ohio’s Urban Communities, a series of strategy group sessions, and a “reality check” with OSU Extension leadership and OSU Extension teams serving in Ohio’s urban communities. Research and planning focused on the National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL) framework to strategically approach positioning, programs, personnel, and partnerships.


2020 - 2025 Timeline

This Plan of Work was drafted based on county interviews for case studies, initial planning at the Summit on Extension in Ohio’s Urban Communities held in January 2020, and the work of the Urban Steering Council. The plan continues to be updated and will be incorporated in the OSU Extension Strategic Alignment

Draft Urban Plan of Work

Urban Plan of Work cover

Plan of Work Goal Summary

2021 Urban Plan of Work Report


Case-Study Research Guide 

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