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Welcome Interested Professionals 

OSU Extension Urban Engagement is committed to innovative impacts that are relevant locally, responsive statewide, recognized nationally, and in some cases connected globally. Our urban Extension professionals respond to urban issues and empower people with education through community connections. OSU Extension works within local communities, often partnering with agencies, organizations, and industry to focus on the most significant issues in Ohio's Urban Communities. On behalf of our team, we would like to extend an invitation to be involved in implementing our Urban Plan of Work. To learn more about how you can get involved, please see the resources listed below.

Thank you!

Ways to Get Involved 

Urban Area Leaders

  Area 2 Leader, Lucas & Wood County 
Nicole Debose Area 5 Leader, Cuyahoga County 
Nate Arnett Area 15 & Area 21 (interium) Area Leaders, Adventure Central Educator
  Area 17 Leader, Franklin County
  Area 21 Leader, Hamilton County 


Check out the Urban Extension Introductory Guide to learn more about Urban Extension.