About OSU Extension in the City

OSU Extension is the university's community-based catalyst for co-discovery and community change.

OSU Extension faculty and staff working in Ohio's metropolitan areas respond to urban issues and empower people with education on issues they care about. Extension professionals who work with OSU Extension in the City have developed a statewide team that links with campus, community, and national networks.  The team works within local communities, often partnering with agencies, organizations, and industry to focus on the most significant issues in Ohio's cities. OSU Extension in the City engages with families and children, farmers and business owners, community leaders and elected officials in Ohio's largest cities to build better lives, better businesses, and better communities to make Ohio great. OSU Extension has a rich history in Ohio cities and continues to address the priorities of today, while engaging in research to prepare for the future.

Ohio's most densely populated cities and counties present unique challenges and opportunities. Two themes woven through the work of OSU Extension in the City are:

  • Co-Discovery: OSU Extension in the City links evidence-based education with local knowledge to improve lives and communities in Ohio's cities.
  • Collective Impact: OSU Extension in the City frequently collaborates with local, state, national, and international organizations for more efficient and effective impacts.

OSU Extension is jointly funded through a line item in the State of Ohio's budget; through county funds; through the federal government; and through city agencies, philanthropic organizations, industry associations, and other groups with a shared mission and commitment to co-discovery of unbiased information.

Follow this link for information on the Combined Statistical Areas in Ohio.

To find out more about Extension in your area, contact your local office of Ohio State University Extension.

To get involved with OSU Extension in the City, contact Julie Fox.