Urban JOE Articles

Urban-Related Articles from Journal of Extension (JOE)

This Journal of Extension search was performed September 2018 using key search words: urban, metro, city, and diversity. The articles are categorized by general urban Extension, diversity, and the six Ohio State University Extension Impact Areas.

General Urban Extension Articles

A National Framework for Urban Extension
A New Regional Model for Increasing Extension's Capacity to Reach Metropolitan Audiences
Are New Models for Local Extension Organizations Needed? (1973)
Big-City Imperative: Agenda for Action
Cooperative Extension: Its People At Risk
Decongesting Metropolitan America: It Can Be Done! 1974 Book Review
Disruptive Innovation: How Washington State University Is Reaching Urban Audiences
Experts, Extension, and Democracy: A Prospectus for a New Urban Grant
Extension and the Urban Environment (1965)
Extension Program Delivery Trends
Face Urban Needs Through Issues-Based Programming
Hot Shots and Project-Based Extension: Setting a National Model by Reinventing Extension in Urban Areas
Overcoming Rural-Urban Polarization - Minnesota
Rural, Urban Clientele Are Linked
Summer 1992 Editor's Page: Redefining Extension
Urban Extension Programs
Urban Dilemma: Contributing Factors (1973)
Use of Computer Technologies by Educators in Urban Community Science Education Programs
Kentucky’s Urban Extension Focus
Volunteerism in Ohio Central Cities and Surrounding Communities: Frequency, Potential, and Demographics


A Key to Cultural Change Toward Diversity
Challenges to Diversity From an African-American Perspective
Developing Culturally Responsive Youth Workers
Effecting Extension Organizational Change Toward Cultural Diversity
Facing Issues of Diversity
Managing Diversity Within Cooperative Extension
Valuing Differences

health and wellness

Helping Clientele Deal With Stress

workforce development

Recruiting and Training Youth Development Volunteers in Urban Areas

thriving across the life span

4-H and Its Relevance in the Era of #Moments in Urban Communities
Attitudes Towards Diversity Education in 4-H
Bringing Leadership Experiences to Inner-City Youth
Diversity Inclusion in 4-H Programs
Incorporating Service Learning and Extension in the Inner City Middle Schools: A Model for Future Programming
Is Independent Study an Answer? (1971)
Urban and Rural 4-H Volunteer Recognition
Urban Extension’s New Nontraditional Offering: Parent-Child Reading Enhancement Program
Working With Inner-City Youth Populations

Sustainable food systems

A Local Collaboration for Food Equity in Cities
Developing a Community-Designed Healthy Urban Food System
Improving Participation of non-Traditional Extension Audiences: The Empower Ocala Garden Project
Urban Agriculture

engaged ohioans, vibrant communities

Citizen Participation in Urban Development: Volume I – Concepts and Issues and Volume II – Cases and Programs Book Review (1971)
Fighting Inflation, Urban and Rural Strategies
Our Urbanizing Society: A Search for Perspective (1973)
Small Business and the Community: Their Role and Importance Within a State’s Economy
The Department of Housing and Urban Development and Cooperative Extension: A Case for Urban Collaboration

environmental Quality

Engaging Citizens to Urban Nutrient Planning of Lawns within a Nutrient Sensitive Watershed
Extension, Communities, and Schools: Results of a Collaborative Forestry Education Project in Philadelphia
Horticulture Extension Trends in an Urban State
Urban Extension Clientele Competencies by Mass Media Delivery Strategy