Professional Development

Professional Development IN THE CITY

Formal and informal professional development in Extension occurs across many systems, including state- and regional-based Extension units, Joint Council of Extension (JCEP) professional organizations, eXtension, the Journal of Extension, the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP), the Western Center for Metropolitan Extension & Research, and the National Urban Extension Leaders (NUEL).

The urban context of diversity, complexity, and scale require Extension professionals, with diverse backgrounds, to develop unique competencies that build upon those addressed through existing professional development programs.

Learning opportunities begin with awareness, and build through levels of engagement. These online resources advance the development of Extension professionals working in urban communities. Instructional design is competency-based and incorporates interactive digital delivery and hands-on active learning.

Linked below is an infographic about professional development opportunities.

Professional Development Infographic






Urban Extension Professional Orientation
Extension personnel, colleagues, volunteers, advocates, and partners become familiar with urban Extension's history, contemporary context, and network of resources.

Just-in-Time Learning in the City
Independent learning modules address specific knowledge needs for rapid response to opportunities in the city. Extension professionals begin with free, easily accessible introductory resources and then select the learning path that fits their needs.

Leadership in the City
Comprehensive 10-module online course for urban Extension professionals leading teams, programs, support units, and other project initiatives in the city. This instructor-led course includes online sessions with colleagues as well as independent assignments. Participants completing this online course will be awarded a digital badge.

Advanced Learning
New resources are being developed for urban Extension professionals with multiple years of experience.

These resources advance the National Urban Extension Framework and NUEL Implementation Plan to build upon the great work of multiple Extension organizations.

Additional Professional Development Resources Available for OSU Extension Faculty and Staff