Entrepreneurial Network Introductory Guide

This Urban Extension Entrepreneurial Networks Introductory Guide provides easy access to resources to ______________ Networking logo

Networks and partnerships are essential to Extension in communities throughout the country. In larger cities, the netwoks are more vast, with thousands of potential large and small public and private collaborators. Even within one organization, there may be multiple points of contact. In working with diverse collaborators on community prioirites, Extension addresses multiple stakeholder agendas.

Participants will learn to improve:

  • Awareness of people and organization with influence in your city.
  • Knowledge of social competencies and social capital.
  • Ability to navigate internal university and external multilevel urban partner relationships.


Ready to Learn?

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Multimedia Resources

Entrepreneurial Networks

Relationship-Based Approach to Leadership

Personal and Extended Networks are Central to the Entrepreneurial Process

The Network Construct in Entrepreneurship Research: A Review and Critique (2001)

Network-Based Research in Entrepreneurship, A Critical Review (2003)

Network-Based Research in Entrepreneurship: A Decade in Review (2015)

Networked Society City Index

Network Theory of Organization: A Multilevel Approach

Entrepreneurship Through Social Networks

The Playmaker Influence Decision System

The Network Structure of Social Capital

The Only Icebreaker You'll Ever Need

Building a Network Theory of Social Capital

Social Capital: Maturation of a Field of Research

Three Traditions of Network Research: What the Public Management Research Agenda Can Learn from Other Research Communities

Human Capital, Social Capital, and Social Network Analysis: Implications for Strategic Human Resource Management

Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Public and Private Partnerships

A Structured Approach to Effective Partnering

Partnership Relationship Management

A Multidisciplinary Collaborative Approach to a University-Community Partnership:Lessons Learned

Coming to Terms With the Public-Private Partnership

Successful Partnerships, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

What is the Future of Town-Gown Relations?

Thinking Like A Partner

National Association of Counties, Large Urban County Caucus

National League of Cities

CEOs for Cities

Urban League

Governing Magazine

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

Collective Impact

Standford Social Innovation

Collective Impact Forum

Example - Strive Together

Metropolitan Universities Journal, Vol 28 No 4 (2017): Collective Impact Strategies

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This guide is frequently updated based on the perspective of people committed to engagement in urban communities. If you have a suggestion, please share it with Michelle Gaston.