NUEL Meeting Recap

NUEL Meeting Media

The NUEL meeting that was held in Columbus Ohio May 23 - 26 was a success, with members from all across the country connecting and furthering their professional development as it pertains to urban Extension. There were multiple presentations that were given those who attended, and they were recorded and are on this page for anyone who was unable to attend or would like to refresh their memories. There is also a dropbox with photos from the event.

Gwen Wolford - Policy Revealed: Engaging in Public Policy to make a Difference




Franklin, Cuyahoga, and Hamilton County CEDs - Connecting the Dots: Moving BEyond the Brushstroke to a Policy-Informed Masterpiece




Pre Meeting Panal



Ohio State University Vice Provost



Elena Irwin - The Urban-Suburban-Exurban-Rural Continuum: Definitions, Trends and Interdependencies