OSU Urban Engagement

Extension’s strategic approach to Ohio’s urban influence and urban-suburban-rural interdependencies.

Strengthening Connections Along the Urban-Rural Continuum, Strengthens Ohio
With a presence in all Ohio communities, OSU Extension continues to advance engagement with rural, suburban, and urban Ohioans. Shifts in demographic characteristics and community conditions requires unique strategies to bring people and ideas together in ways that are relevant locally, responsive statewide, and recognized nationally.

Ohio’s Distinct Urban Influence
With 11.7 million residents, Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the nation. More than 50% of Ohio residents live in 10 of the 88 counties. Ohio has six cities with populations of more than 100,000. Only 12 other states have more cities of this size. What to know more about urban influence?

OSU Extension – Perfect Match for the City
As a Land-Grant, Urban Serving, Carnegie Engaged University, Ohio State addresses Ohio’s urban influence and connections along the urban-rural continuum. 

For more information on OSU Extension in the City, watch this short video or view this two-page overview.


  1. Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshop Online Version

    Dec 28, 2020

    During this multi-day virtual Multicultural Self-Awareness Workshop, participants will explore ways in which to view interactions with people different from themselves.The online workshop is taking place May 12, 13, 19, 20, 2021 from 1-4 p.m. EST. Follow this link to learn more.

  2. Last Chance to Register for the 2021 Leadership in the City Course

    Nov 19, 2020

    Don't Miss Out! The last day to register is Friday, November 20, 2020!

    Are you interested in Extension in urban areas and ready to improve your knowledge, skills, and results? The Leadership in the City course will help you learn about leadership, networks, innovation, and management.
    Follow this link to learn more

  3. OSU Extension Virtual Annual Conference Dec. 7-9, 2020

    Registration is now open for the 2020 OSU Extension Annual (Virtual) Conference!

    Nov 12, 2020

    You are invited to attend and participate in the 2020 OSU Extension Virtual Annual Conference – Embrace Change Together! Follow this link to learn more.